Yugi Flower Plate with Dome Cover - Medium


Bangjja, also called yugi, is a Korean type of bronzeware made of 78% Copper and 22% Tin. Due to this compositional difference, Bangjja can be sterilized. For this reason, it has historically been used as tableware for the royal families of Korea.

Dimensions (approx.)

Plate: (D)4 3/4 x (H)3/4 inch

Dome: (D)3 1/8 x (H)2 inch

Made by Korean Bangjja artist Eungchun Kim and Jaeyun Kim in Yeoju, South Korea.

**There might be fingerprints and stains from the manufacturing, packaging, and handling process. We do not sell used or sample products. You can easily clean the stains with our bangjja dish sponge!

*Instructions and warnings

Please wash thoroughly before using. There may be impurities at the first use, which you can gently wash off with water.

Before the first use, submerge the bangjja in approximately 1L of room temperature water with 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar for 20minutes. Then, wash it with dish soap and the blue side of bangjja sponge(sold separately).

There may be color changes which is very natural for bangjja products. If the color has changed, brush gently with the blue sponge while both bangjja and sponge are dry, and rinse with water.

When there’s hard residue or a stain, gently scrub it with the silver sponge(*do not use a stainless steel scrubber).

Please avoid using in a microwave, oven, dishwashwer, or gas stove(bangjja pots are allowed).

When storing for a long period of time, please dry it off completely, wrap it in cloth or paper, and place it in a plastic bag to avoid any moisture contaminations.


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