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Dahye Jeong

Malchong(horsehair) Norigae - Lavender


Norigae is a traditional Korean accessory that is hung from a woman's hanbok and other garments. This Nogigae by Dahye Jeong is made with Malchong(horsehair) which was used to make hats and headbands in the Joseon dynasty.


Small: (W)2 x (H)15 cm (one horsehair ball)

Medium: (W)3 x (H)20 cm (one horsehair ball)

Large (W)4 x (H)30 cm (two horsehair balls)

Malchong means horsehair in Korean.

Material: Horsehair, silk thread, and acrylic beads.

Handcrafted in Jeju, South Korea

*Keep product away from heat and moisture*