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Rachel Baydian

Rachel Baydian Moonjar No.2


Handmade by Rachel Baydian, a Ceramicist based in Los Angeles.

Wheel-thrown porcelain with iron oxide stain splatter details.

Rachel Baydian's Jar [항아리: Hangari] series is a modern take on a classic, ancient vessel. The Korean moon jar dates back to the 15th century during the Joseon dynasty. Symbolizing purity and austerity, these objects mirror the essence of the moon. Inspired by the shape, utility, and grandeur of this vessel, Baydian aims to highlight the simplicity of its form, while contributing notes of abstract expressionism. The oxide splatters exist to juxtapose this peaceful form with a dynamic, loud expression.

Dimentsions(apprx.) (D)5 x (H)4 inch