As leaves turn red and the air becomes crisp, the season of celebration is approaching very soon. Express your love and gratitude to friends, families, and loved ones this holiday season. Here at Studio Kō, we’ve created a short list of gifting ideas for those you care the most. From budget-friendly to high-end boutique pieces, here are our recommendations that could be gifted to everyone and anyone.  

Gifts for A Friend Who Loves Korea 

These pieces are inspired by traditional periods of Korean history and craftsmanship:

Gifts for Maximalists

More the merrier! These contemporary gifts would spice up the holiday season for our maximalists. 

Gifts for Tea-lovers

What better way to spend the winter than with a warm cup of tea? From handmade tea cups to woven tea strainers, here are gifts for our tea connoisseurs.

Gifts for Art Collectors

Art collectors are often hard to satisfy when it comes to gift-giving, but with these selections, you’ll find one of a kind pieces that any collector would appreciate.

Gifts for a Cozy Home 

These gifts will bring warmth to any space and put your home in a holiday mood instantly. 

Gifts for Holiday Hosting

Family and friends will be spending time together over a holiday meal. This selection of tableware is bound to strike up a conversation!

Affordable Gifts under $100 

These gifts are a great option if you are looking for something a bit more price-friendly; pulled from some of our favorite collections.We hope this gift guide will help you spread holiday cheer to your friends and family. Thank you for your support!

Lauren Kim