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Interview with Villiv Magazine

Under the warm sunshine of Los Angeles, Ibi works day and night with one goal: to spread the true beauty of Korea.

Ibi Yoo is the founder of Studio Kō, an online lifestyle select shop selling Korean artisanal crafts. Her products share a message that even lifestyle goods that we use daily, have equivalent beauty to art pieces in galleries.

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Korean Buncheong

Buncheong(粉靑/분청) ware is a form of traditional Korean stoneware, with a bluish-green tone. Pots are coated with a white slip, and decorative designs are painted on using an iron pigment. The style of stoneware arose in the 14th century and continues today.

The style emerged in the early Joseon dynasty, largely replacing the style of celadon in common use. In contrast to the refined elegance of Goryeo celadon, buncheong is designed to be natural, unassuming, and practical.

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