Buncheong Wing Soup Bowl


Soup Bowl


(D)5 1/4 x (H)2 1/4 inch

Buncheong(粉靑/분청) ware is a form of traditional Korean stoneware, with a bluish-green tone. Pots are coated with a white slip, and decorative designs are painted on using an iron pigment.

Buncheong ware first developed from the Goryeo celedon inlay technique called Sanggam and rapidly distinguished itself. The style emerged in the early Joseon dynasty, largely replacing the style of celadon in common use. In contrast to the refined elegance of Goryeo celadon, buncheong is designed to be natural, unassuming, and practical. However, it all but disappeared from Korea after the 16th century due to the Imjin War(aka Ceramic War).

Through a series of cultural and economic circumstances, Buncheong wares in its heyday were stolen by the practitioners of the Japanese tea ceremony. After they were adopted by the Japanese tea masters, they started to influence Japanese ceramics. And from Japan, Buncheong spread widely and became known as Mishima ware.

Handcrafted by Seung Ki Min

Each piece is artfully unique in detail, and sold with minor variations in texture, wear, and color changes due to the artist's processing techniques and perspective. Small black dots are created from iron in the glaze and not a defect. Respectfully, all sales of these ceramics are final.


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