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Soo Bong Choi

Buchae Hand Fan - Module Line

Buchae Hand Fan - Module Line

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Limited Edition created by TWL x Studio FNT
Handcrafted by Soo Bong Choi(1951-2021) and his wife Bok Nam Kim in Namwon, South Korea.

Dimensions (approx.)

Round: 7 x 11 inch

Oval: 6 1/2 x 13 inch

The Tale of Hanji Buchae

The old adage says it requires 99 steps to make one sheet of Hanji. The ultimate 100th touch was to be provided by the user, hence the ancients often referred Hanji as Baekji (百紙), or the paper of one hundred. Through these modest Buchae imbued with steadfastness and dedication, it is our hope that you would find respite and apt cover from the sun, and continue to admire the timeless color and texture of Hanji.

*Hanji from <Seongil Hanji> and <Cheonil Hanji>
of Jeonju & <Wonju Traditional Hanji> from Wonju.

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