Chungja Study, 2020 - Yoory Jung


Chungja Study, 2020
Oil, acrylic and celadon clay on canvas

6 X 6 inches

Chungja Series

“Identity is a concept that requires others, and so is my painting. It requires the viewers to examine what they are seeing. In my continuing investigation of celadon as reference, material, and process, I am introducing tensions between objective and nonobjective, as well as between performativity and objecthood.

I wanted to bring Korean Celadon masters’ craftsmanship into my work by appropriating the process that is similar to, but different from celadon making. So, I begin with clay color as ground in order to reference and simulate the material of the celadon as ceramic. Then I add layers of colors close to Celadon and sand them back down to get a smooth surface similar to it, but without its reflective surface. I repeat the process over and over until I feel proper balance has been achieved.

Monochrome allows me to explore the tranquility of total abstraction through one specific color. Moreover, I am exploring the shift in subject and object in my painting.

Celadon Series is my attempt to find my identity as Korean American immigrant.”

- Yoory Jung

*Each piece is artfully unique in detail, and sold with minor variations in texture, and color due to artist's processing techniques and perspective.

Respectfully, all sales of these paintings are final.