Alice Wall Vase


Hand thrown vase, slab rolled buff clay body, and hand carved tiles

Dimensions(approx.) (L)9 x (W)6 1/4 x (H)2 1/2 inch

This item comes with 4 leather washers and 4 screws

Eunbi Cho is a traditionalist with a contemporary approach. Her work celebrates the spirited and special space that exists between structure and fluidity, precision and poetry. Throughout her work, she reflects upon user - object interaction with unique and playful intention.

She spent her early childhood in Korea before moving with her family to Waterloo, Belgium. In her new surroundings, she discovered a renewed sense of  freedom and the importance of creativity and individuality. After studying Fiber art in Korea, she moved to Los Angeles in 2011.

Eunbi is committed to creating unexpected and thoughtfully designed objects that embody her life's experience.

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