Googoogagaman - Hello


Unglazed white clay Googoogagaman incense holder saying “Hello!” to you everyday!

Dimensions (approx.)

(H)6 x (W)3 1/8 x (D)3 1/8 inch

Googoogagaman (Googie) is a baby creature that was born from combining the ideas of a standing Kewpie and a beloved family Snowman named Googoo. Built to serve as a functional sculpture, your Googie will gladly hold incense, flower, and other decor in its friend holes.

Nina Mastiff is a multimedia illustrator/ceramicist working with ideas of childhood nostalgia and playful organic forms. Her pieces are shaped by growing up between cultural influences from South Korea, Sweden, and Hawaii.

*Each piece is artfully unique in detail, shapes, and sold with minor variations in texture, dimensions, and color due to artist's processing techniques and perspective.

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