Moshi Jogakbo, Freedom(자유) 2021

By Hyun A

Freedom(자유), 2021 by Hyun A.

Hand-sewn traditional Korean patchwork aka Jogak Bojagi.

Material: Moshi(Korean ramie fabric), natural Biancaea sappan dye.

Dimensions (approx.) 44 x 43 cm

Hyun A is a Korean textile artist based in Southern California. She begin creating traditional Korean patchwork back in 2003 in Insadong, South Korea, falling in love with the serenity of her hand-sewn pieces. To Hyun, life is constantly about making decisions and this bojagi represents the many doors on can choose to walk through.

*Each piece is artfully unique in detail, and sold with minor variations in texture, and color due to the artist's processing techniques and perspective.

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