Mu-yi(무이) Heukja Vase No.2


무이(茂怡), 2020

Mu-yi is translated as “full of joy and happiness”

Youn Sil Kim’s ‘Mu-yi series’ was born from 2020, and all of the challenges last year presented. She created these forms to comfort you, and wish you happiness.

The Artist sends abundant joy and generous fruits of happiness with these pieces.

Unglazed ceramics can be a little rough on the surface. When cleaning off dust or stain, clean with running water and air dry. Do not rub fabrics or paper towels.

*Each handmade ceramic piece is artfully unique in detail, and sold with natural irregularities in color, texture, and glaze. Respectfully, all sales of these ceramics are final.


(W)4 1/2 x (H)11 1/2

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